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Professional and hygienic in clinic ear piercing is available to anyone over 16. Children under the age of 16 must be accompanied by a Parent or Legal Guardian.

We use high quality Caflon studs which are sterile and come in their own packaging so you are assured of a trouble free ear piercing. We offer the best gold plated studs. The therapist will put in earrings of suitable metal for you and give care instructions for the next two weeks. They must be cleaned AM and PM but not left out over night for two weeks.

Includes cleansing solution and after care advice  
Price ÂŁ40


Is the Caflon ear piercing system safe?

Yes. All Caflon ear piercing studs are packaged and sterilised to meet European regulations.

Does ear piercing hurt?

The Caflon ear piercing system is designed to pierce ears virtually pain free. When performed properly, most people feel little or no discomfort.

Can Caflon ear piercing systems be used for body piercing?

NO. Caflon ear piercing products are designed to safely pierce the ear lobe and outer cartilage of the ear. Caflon ear piercing products should not be used to pierce other parts of the body.


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