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Ageing hands

Loose skin and uneven pigmentation on the hands often give the game away regarding age. Now there are effective treatments to address this.



Cellulite is uneven dimpled skin generally on the thighs, abdomen and buttocks. Nakedhealth has effective solutions to smooth and firm the skin.


Excessive Sweating

Botox is a quick and effective treatment to eliminate the problem of excessive sweating. Various body areas can be treated but under arms are most common.


Fat Reduction

As a doctor led clinic nakedhealth MEDISPA has effective technologies available which give outstanding results.



Most skin lesions can be easily removed by diathermy. For anything complicated you will be referred to our Plastic Surgeon, Mr Gateley FRCS.


Stretch Marks

Whether you suffer from newer red stretch marks or older white ones, Nakedhealth has advanced treatments which can help to diminish them.


Skin Tightening

Following childbirth, weight loss or due to sun damage and ageing the skin loses volume and tone. Nakedhealth Medispa has advanced procedures to help rejuvenate and revitalise the skin.


Thread Veins (Legs)

At nakedhealth, vascular physician Dr Steve Tristram and our specially trained nurses can treat any vascular condition from tiny tread veins to deeper more problematic conditions.


Unwanted Body Hair

Wimbledon's most experienced team of laser specialists use the most advanced technology to effectively treat unwanted body hair.


Unwanted tattoo

Nakedhealth uses the latest technology to remove tattoos with all pigments.



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