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Sclerotherapy + Foam Injections

Sclerotherapy is a treatment option for thread veins in the legs – a common problem that, although harmless, often causes distress as the sufferer can feel self-conscious particularly when the veins appear on an exposed area of the legs. There's no need to suffer with this embarrassing condition – sclerotherapy and foam injections are safe, effective procedures to treat the problem so that when summer comes you'll have beautiful vein-free legs you'll be proud to show off.

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What is Liquid Sclerotherapy?

What is Liquid Sclerotherapy? This is the preferred treatment for the small "spider veins" and sometimes for reticular veins. Liquid sclerotherapy is performed with the patient lying on a couch in the consulting room and involves injecting a detergent-like material (the 'sclerosant') into the veins so that they empty of blood and shrivel up.

What is Duplex guided foam sclerotherapy (DGFS)?

This is a variation of liquid sclerotherapy that has been used widely around the world and by Dr Tristram extensively for over 10 years. It can be used instead of surgery to treat some 'trunk' varicose veins and some reticular veins. A needle is placed into the main vein feeding the varicose vein. Once the needle is in position, the leg being treated is sometimes raised to empty all the veins. The foam is prepared and injected into the vein. The foam spreads along the vein and is followed either using direct vision or the ultrasound machine. When it reaches the upper end of the vein being treated (in the groin or behind the knee) firm pressure is applied to the vein to compress it. Injection of foam continues as the foam spreads along the varicose vein. In about 90% of cases, only one injection of foam is needed. In about 10% of cases repeat injections are required. The injection causes no pain in the leg, although sometimes some tightness can be felt.

Do I need to wear a stocking afterwards?

Compression is absolutely vital for a safe and successful outcome. Following foam and some (but not all) liquid sclerotherapy we apply a firm bandage and compression stocking to the leg. The bandage can usually be removed after 4 -6 days but the stocking should be worn continuously for 14 days.


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