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Soprano ICE

Comfortable, fast and effective Soprano ICE is the latest innovation in laser hair removal. Soprano lasers are well regarded in the industry as the gold standard for virtually pain free, effective hair removal. Nakedhealth is one of the first UK Clinics to offer the Soprano ICE which enhances the experience still further ‚Äď the coolest and fastest laser hair removal treatment available. Small areas such as inside the ear and upper lip can now be treated with comfort and precision.

  • Safe, gentle and cool¬†
  • All hair and skin types¬†
  • Highly effective¬†
  • Fast and efficient¬†
  • No down time¬†
  • FDA approved¬†
  • Clinically proven

"Very pleasant and enjoyable experience with a treatment that really does deliver results. Natalie was very professional and good at her work"

Anna Burton

Services for Women 1 Treatment 4 Treatments
Save 10% 
6 Treatments
Upper Lip, Chin, Sides of Face, Front of Neck, Hands, Feet + Toes £60 £216 £300
Chin and Upper Lip £99 £356.40 £495
Centre Brow, Nose £55 £198 £275
Full Face £150 £540 £750
Underarms, Breast, Stomach Line £60 £216 £300
Upper Arms, Forearms, Extended Bikini £115 £414 £575
Brazilian £155 £558 £775
Hollywood £175 £630 £875
Buttocks £125 £450 £625
Thighs £205 £738 £1,025
Back of Thighs £150 £540 £750
Lower Legs £180 £648 £900
Full Legs £299 £1076.40 £1,495
Package Deal: Underarms + Brazilian £199 £716.40 £995
Services for Men 1 Treatment 4 Treatments
Save 10% 
6 Treatments
Shoulders £140 £504 £700
Upper Arms £130 £468 £650
Back £235  £846 £1,175 
Back, Shoulders + Upper Arms £305 £1,098 £1,525
Chest £180 £648 £900
Chest and Abdomen £220 £792


Beard £125 £450 £625
Centre Brow, Nose, Earlobes £55 £198 £275


How does Soprano ICE work?

The Soprano laser light safely and gently passes through the dermis allowing the laser light to be absorbed into the hair root destroying the cells so that they can no longer produce hair. Though hair re-growth has been prevented the laser does not injure the surrounding skin and the Soprano laser system procedure is totally pain-free.

Is the Soprano ICE laser treatment safe?

The Soprano laser technology is approved by the FDA. Advances in technology means laser hair reduction temporary side effects are incredibly rare.

How many Soprano ICE laser treatments do I need?

During your consultation your hair and skin will be assessed and you will be recommended a tailored programme that will offer you the best results for. On average we recommend 4-6 sessions. Occasional maintenance treatments may be required.

Why choose Nakedhealth for Laser Treatment?

The Nakedhealth team are experienced and highly skilled therapists who are well trained to efficiently treat any area of the body. We work in partnership with our suppliers and training is ongoing. Our laser facility is audited by St George's Radiological Department. You can be assured optimum results in caring hands.


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