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Dr Schrammek's Green Peel

Dr Schrammek's GREEN PEEL is the 100% natural alternative to a chemical peel.    The range of green peels are medically developed, biologically based peeling treatments that use active plant ingredients, including herbs, vitamins and enzymes to totally regenerate the skin.


GREEN PEEL Classic for skin regeneration

This immensely powerful treatment involves a herbal peeling mixture intensively massaged into the skin, which activates the peeling process. The full effect takes 2-3 days, during which time the skin continues to be treated at home with the appropriate Dr Schrammek skincare products. After 5 days you return to nakedhealth MEDISPA for a follow up treatment, which nourishes the now particularly receptive skin with enriching ingredients, leaving your skin utterly radiant.

GREEN PEEL Energy for skin correction

This miraculous treatment loosens the outer layer of dead skin as the herbal plant mixture is massaged into the pores. Instead of peeling cell regeneration is stimulated. The GREEN PEEL Energy treatment is particularly suitable for skin impurities and age related pigment disturbances. It works ideally as a repeated, intensive clinical treatment.

GREEN PEEL Fresh-Up for prevention

This revitalising treatment stimulates and revitalises the skin rather than peeling it by stimulating the skin's circulation and opening the pores, so it is able to optimally absorb the treatment and follow-up skincare ingredients. As a result, the complexion appears brighter and fresher looking with a healthy glow.


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