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SkinCeuticals believe that the key to healthy looking skin is a skincare professional. Nakedhealth is a SkinCeuticals Flagship MediSpa and the Therapists have access to outstanding training and scientific solutions. By combining a customised home care regime with powerful professional treatments and targeted skincare solutions, the result is healthier looking skin with an improvement in the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, premature ageing, acne and other skin concerns.

  • Personalised prescriptive facial treatments¬†
  • Skin peels¬†
  • Customised home care¬†
  • FREE Visia skin scan with any skin treatment
  1 Treatment 6 Treatments
Prescription Facial £85 £425
Prescription Peel £63 £315
Pre Treatment Peel £31 £155 
Pigment Balancing Peel £100 £500 
Blemish & Age Treatment £85 £425
Blemish & Age Super Treatment £99 £495

Clinic-based chemical peels are essential for aiding in maintaining and restoring the skin's healthy appearance. These peels work synergistically with SkinCeuticals home care products to deliver an integrated skincare regimen and enhanced results.


What is a Prescription Facial?

After a thorough consultation to assess your specific skin concerns the appropriate products will be used to treat your skin. No two treatments are the same and different high performance SkinCeuticals products may be used each time you visit.

Why choose a Peel?

SkinCeuticals superficial chemical peels are a good option for many people as they have a gentler effect and do not give visible skin peeling, inflammation or significant redness compared to medium and deep chemical peels. Superficial chemical peels do not require pain relief, and can be used on many skin types, including darker skin tones, with little or no down time.

How Many Peels will I Need?

We recommend a course of six peels, one or two weeks apart. This will give the best results, as superficial peels are gentler the full benefits of the peel build up over a course of six treatments.

" Wonderful reception and incredible treatment. Without any doubt the best facial I have ever had - and I've had a few! Tanty has magic, soothing hands whilst the products went to work. Arrived feeling rundown with awful skin and left feeling relaxed, revived and glowing again!" CM

"I have had a wonderful experience at Nakedheaklth. My skin has improved immensely and I have my confidence back which means the world to me as I am getting married in 2 weeks. A HUGE thank you is all I can say" MS


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