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Diathermy Electrolysis is an excellent method of removing hairs permanently. It is medically approved and has the longest know track record together with very effective results.

The electrolysis treatments I have had at Nakedhealth have worked brilliantly, I am very happy with the results"

K.W. Wimbledon

Electrolysis uses a needle and an electric current producing heat. The electrologist works hair by hair, it is therefore most suited to small areas or a few hairs. All hair colours can be treated. The advantage of electrolysis is that after treatment the follicle is permanently destroyed so the hair is unable to grow back.

Electrolysis is performed by inserting an incredibly fine needle into the hair follicle. The electrolysis machine then sends a tiny amount of electrical current which through a combination of heat and chemical reaction, destroys the follicle and prevents regrowth.

  • Permanent hair reduction
  • Treats all hair colours¬†
  • Ideal for small areas and facial hair¬†
  • Fine hairs can be treated¬†
  • Long track record¬†

"I have had regular electrolysis appointments with various therapists over the last 2 ¬Ĺ years and have found all of them to be friendly and professional. Likewise the receptionist and other staff. The place always feels clean and hygienic"

N.R. Wimbledon

Price Guide 1 Treatment 6 Treatments
15 Minutes £35 £175
30 Minutes £53 £265
45 Minutes £70 £350
60 Minutes £81 £405


Is electrolysis painful?

Some areas are more sensitive than others and we prescribe a numbing cream to be applied 10 minutes before the treatment to alleviate this. During the treatment a cryo skin cooling method is used to reduce any discomfort.

How many electrolysis treatments will I need?

The number of treatments required will vary from person to person as each client will have a different density of hair growth, for example, there may be 50 or 500 hairs packed into a small area of skin tissue, whilst some clients will have less hair which is spaced out. This means that each treatment course will vary, and therefore no actual figure can be put on the number of treatments required, but you will quickly feel and see a difference giving you the confidence to continue with your treatment course.

What does the skin look like following treatment?

Generally there is some mild redness and a little localised swelling immediately following electrolysis. This will disappear after an hour or so depending on the skin sensitivity and skin type. Generally the next day you skin will show no sign of treatment however occasionally there may be tiny reddish brown pinprick scabs especially on body areas or where hairs are distorted or ingrown. These scabs drop off naturally within a few days to a week depending on individual's healing ability. If however you notice any unexpected after effects please make sure to mention them as sometimes it's hard to tell how any one skin will react at first.

I have had regular electrolysis appointments with Katie, Sarah and Caroline over the last 2 ¬Ĺ years and have always found all of them to be friendly and professional. Likewise the receptionist and other staff. The place always feels clean and hygienic"






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